South Carolina Arboriculture and Landscaping

Although I’m no expert in landscape design or tree trimming, nonetheless many of my friends asked me for landscaping ideas on a regular basis, including pruning their trees. I think it is just that I give good advice. At least that is what I tell them my secret is. In fact, there is an even more simple reason for it. I look at a lot of landscape and tree pictures. Ever since my parents started taking me to the art museum as a kid, I always liked landscapes and how the various tree species added to them. My favorite images were the pastoral scenes. I loved looking across a field with woods in the background, or out at a sun set over a lake. I had no preference as to medium. It could be done in oil, acrylic, or just done as a landscape photo. For me, anything that captured a still, beautiful moment in the outdoors was good enough.

arboriculture west columbia

arboriculture west columbia

I was about 12 when I started thinking about a career in South Carolina arboriculture and landscape design. My parents always recruited me to do the weeding in the garden, but one day I outdid myself. I actually rearranged the garden path without asking. My parents would have normally been mad at me, but my landscaping ideas actually turned out very well. The appreciated my vision of properly serviced and pruned trees within the plans. The garden looked beautiful, and they couldn’t complain, especially after getting more sun following the tree trimming. After that, I was given charge of all the gardening chores and tree maintenance around the house.

Nowadays, I like to put my own landscape designs into practice. I have a lot of different landscaping and tree sculpting ideas. Part of it is that I read landscape and aborist magazines. Every time I see something that really catches my eye, I try to do it in my garden. Unfortunately, I have a limited amount of space. As such, I have certain friends I like to call up and recommend new ideas to. If I don’t have the ability to do it myself, I try to get other people I know to do it. I know it is kind of silly, but people are usually happy with the results of my unusual ideas for tree shape.

I have even started using landscaping software lately. At first I scoffed at the idea of software. I preferred to plan everything out in my head. As my landscaping ideas got more and more complicated, however, I realized that I could get a lot more done with the software. After all, it allowed me to draw everything out precisely and use existing trees to enhance the whole package. Nowadays, every landscaping or tree service idea I have gets the computer treatment before I try it out.


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