1st Meeting with Your DUI Lawyer North Charleston SC

Driving under influence is a serious crime in many parts of the world. This is because driving under the influence can lead to dangerous road accidents, some ending in deaths. When one is charged with this crime, he or she will be facing a possible jail time as penalty. Having a DUI lawyer North Charleston SC can greatly help one in his or her case. There are things one should talk about with his or her lawyer on their first meeting.

Before going into the details of your case, the lawyer must first tell you how much he or she charges. There are two main ways; the hourly rate and the cumulative rate. By knowing how much fees you are being charged, you will be able to plan better or even get another lawyer if the original one is too expensive for you. The rates a Charleston lawyer or North Charleston attorney will, of course, differ from those in other cities and areas of the country.

After agreeing on rates chargeable, discus how you were arrested and what actually happened. Information surrounding your DUI case will help the lawyer have a rough idea about what to expect in the court. With such information, the lawyer can decide to take the case or refer you to another attorney, depending on how complicated your case is.

Your North Charleston DUI attorney should also tell the client exactly what will happen in case the client is found guilty. This attorney, with his or her prior experience, will be able to tell you what minimum and maximum penalties, be it jail term, a fine, or both, to expect. This will help one get prepared in case he or she does not win the case.

You should also discuss with the lawyer about any previous driving under the influence offenses. Previous cases are known to make it harder for you to win the case. Such information will help the lawyer know the best way to handle your case and it also protects him from surprises in the court.


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