Criminal Defense Law Firm Charleston SC Says – Behave in Court

Exclaiming your innocence is simply not enough when you’ve been accused of a crime. From the time you are arrested, to the very day you go to court- you must present yourself in a positive light. Making sure the clothing you wear, your hair, you act in a respectable manner can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. This not only applies to you, but it is also important that your attorney does more than just “show up”. Hiring the best criminal defense law firm Charleston SC has to offer, does very little good, if the attorneys do not present themselves as respectable officers of the court.

Making the Most of It

Did you know that your attorney could lose your case for you before your mouth is ever opened? This is very true, and in fact it happens all the time. However, this doesn’t just go for your attorney, it applies to you as well; the first impression anyone gets about a defendent comes directly from the way that defendent carries himself. Sure, American justice is supposed to be considered on facts alone- but jurors and judges are only human, and if they find that you or your attorney have no respect for the system, you can look forward to a guilty verdict or a higher probability of an undisireable outcome.

Your Attorney’s Character

When looking for a criminal defense lawyer, Charleston SC just like many other cities in the U.S., you will have your pick of unkempt attorneys. When choosing an attorney, be sure to take their character into consideration. Paying attention to the way a lawyer dresses, and come across in person is a great way to see if they are fit for representation. You do not want to hire someone who you feel may walk into court looking out of whack or acting less than serious. This not only means that your case may not be properly prepared, but the judge and jurors may take offense to the improprieties.

Dressing with Respect

As a defendant, it is also important that you dress respectfully as well. The way you carry yourself from the time of arrest can play a large role in how your case turns out. However, it is inherently important to dress nice and casual on court day. Individuals who are not familiar with one another often judge character by the way one dresses. Thererfore, you will need to present yourself as someone with a decent demeanor. Remember, you will not have a lot of time to speak on your behalf- if any, so you must be sure to make the most of it.


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