How to Pay Auto Accident Attorney Charleston SC

Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer Compensation

Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer Compensation

To get better representation in a court of law it is advisable to hire a private lawyer rather than be represented by a public defendant lawyer. Although a public lawyer offers free services, they have lots of cases to take care of meaning they will not be able to pay keen attention to your case. With a private auto accident attorney Charleston SC, you will be assured of a good representation on your auto accident case. However, with a private lawyer, you must pay him or her.

With auto accident cases, there are various ways to pay a lawyer. The first one is the upfront payment. With this method, one pays the lawyer before he or she agrees to take your situation as a case. With upfront payments, there are two ways a client will be charged. First is an hourly charge. This option involves a client being charged a certain amount of money for every hour a lawyer spends on his or her case. These hours include meeting hours and hours spent in the court room. A lawyer can also charge you a certain amount for the whole case. The second method of payment is the contingency. Here the lawyer gets a percentage of the money an individual is compensated.

With upfront payment, the money is deposited in a trust account. This trust account belongs to the lawyer. Most lawyers will not take your case until you deposit a certain amount of money in this account. This account acts like an escrow account where the lawyer will deduct any fees accumulated or his or her labor charges.

With contingency method, the accident victim does not need to have money for the case. He or she, however, needs to pay some fees such as filing fees. In contingency method, one does not pay the auto accident lawyer in case no compensation is made to the client.


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