Research a Charleston SC DUI Lawyer

When faced with a driving under the influence (DUI) offense, one needs a very good lawyer to help him or her win the case. Driving under influence can potentially earn one a jail term and hence getting the right lawyer to ensure that your jail term is reduced or you are set free is imperative. There are ways on how to do research to find a Charleston SC DUI lawyer.

One should start by searching and researching DUI lawyers over the internet. Most lawyers have explanatory websites where one can find them and information. A simple search will give you names of lawyers around the Charleston, SC area and their contact information. You should search including your location in the search word so as to narrow down the results.

If one does not have internet access, he or she can use phone directory. The phone directory has a large section for lawyers, attorneys and law firms plus their area of specialization. By going through the directory, one will be able to come up with several candidate names. The phone directory will also include their address and their contacts. Asking your friends both around you and those on social sites will also provide you with more candidate attorneys in this field.

After making your first list, you should now start short listing. There are various factors that will help one make his or her list shorter. Start by removing all DUI lawyers that have not operated long enough in the field. Working with experienced lawyer assures you of better results.

After that, you should that consider how successful the lawyer has been in the past. A Charleston SC DUI lawyer who has a successful past also has high chances of winning you the case, or in the least, getting better results. Lastly, consider the fees the lawyer charges. Avoid lawyers that charge you a lot of money especially if you cannot afford the fees. Such lawyers may drive you into borrowing to fund the law suit.



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