South Carolina Arboriculture and Landscaping

Although I’m no expert in landscape design or tree trimming, nonetheless many of my friends asked me for landscaping ideas on a regular basis, including pruning their trees. I think it is just that I give good advice. At least that is what I tell them my secret is. In fact, there is an even more simple reason for it. I look at a lot of landscape and tree pictures. Ever since my parents started taking me to the art museum as a kid, I always liked landscapes and how the various tree species added to them. My favorite images were the pastoral scenes. I loved looking across a field with woods in the background, or out at a sun set over a lake. I had no preference as to medium. It could be done in oil, acrylic, or just done as a landscape photo. For me, anything that captured a still, beautiful moment in the outdoors was good enough.

arboriculture west columbia

arboriculture west columbia

I was about 12 when I started thinking about a career in South Carolina arboriculture and landscape design. My parents always recruited me to do the weeding in the garden, but one day I outdid myself. I actually rearranged the garden path without asking. My parents would have normally been mad at me, but my landscaping ideas actually turned out very well. The appreciated my vision of properly serviced and pruned trees within the plans. The garden looked beautiful, and they couldn’t complain, especially after getting more sun following the tree trimming. After that, I was given charge of all the gardening chores and tree maintenance around the house.

Nowadays, I like to put my own landscape designs into practice. I have a lot of different landscaping and tree sculpting ideas. Part of it is that I read landscape and aborist magazines. Every time I see something that really catches my eye, I try to do it in my garden. Unfortunately, I have a limited amount of space. As such, I have certain friends I like to call up and recommend new ideas to. If I don’t have the ability to do it myself, I try to get other people I know to do it. I know it is kind of silly, but people are usually happy with the results of my unusual ideas for tree shape.

I have even started using landscaping software lately. At first I scoffed at the idea of software. I preferred to plan everything out in my head. As my landscaping ideas got more and more complicated, however, I realized that I could get a lot more done with the software. After all, it allowed me to draw everything out precisely and use existing trees to enhance the whole package. Nowadays, every landscaping or tree service idea I have gets the computer treatment before I try it out.


Charleston School of Law’s big win – Charleston Post Courier


Charleston Post Courier

Charleston School of Law’s big win


Charleston Post Courier


So the last two rocky years at the Charleston School of Law might prove ironically helpful to students, who have seen their alma mater dig in against what many faculty members, alumni and even Mayor Joe Riley were convinced was a toxic takeover of the …


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Panhandling rules enforced: law takes effect in Charleston Friday – Live 5 News

Panhandling rules enforced: law takes effect in Charleston Friday


Live 5 News


For months, panhandlers have stood on Charleston’s corners, medians, and roadways. The 30-day grace period is over. Those spots, now empty. The new Charleston panhandling law takes effect Friday, making it illegal to not only beg for money at …


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1st Meeting with Your DUI Lawyer North Charleston SC

Driving under influence is a serious crime in many parts of the world. This is because driving under the influence can lead to dangerous road accidents, some ending in deaths. When one is charged with this crime, he or she will be facing a possible jail time as penalty. Having a DUI lawyer North Charleston SC can greatly help one in his or her case. There are things one should talk about with his or her lawyer on their first meeting.

Before going into the details of your case, the lawyer must first tell you how much he or she charges. There are two main ways; the hourly rate and the cumulative rate. By knowing how much fees you are being charged, you will be able to plan better or even get another lawyer if the original one is too expensive for you. The rates a Charleston lawyer or North Charleston attorney will, of course, differ from those in other cities and areas of the country.

After agreeing on rates chargeable, discus how you were arrested and what actually happened. Information surrounding your DUI case will help the lawyer have a rough idea about what to expect in the court. With such information, the lawyer can decide to take the case or refer you to another attorney, depending on how complicated your case is.

Your North Charleston DUI attorney should also tell the client exactly what will happen in case the client is found guilty. This attorney, with his or her prior experience, will be able to tell you what minimum and maximum penalties, be it jail term, a fine, or both, to expect. This will help one get prepared in case he or she does not win the case.

You should also discuss with the lawyer about any previous driving under the influence offenses. Previous cases are known to make it harder for you to win the case. Such information will help the lawyer know the best way to handle your case and it also protects him from surprises in the court.

Decide the Right Compensation Model: Traffic Offense Attorney Charleston SC

Hiring the services of the right traffic offense attorney Charleston SC is often able to make the difference between receiving a warning, having to pay a heavy fine, or even having the driver’s license suspended. An important factor in hiring a skilled attorney is the rates which might be involved. Dependent on the particular attorney practice, the costs might be based on a flat fee, a per hour fee, or based on the contingency scheme. You will find experts in these cases on most injury lawyer Charleston SC law firm staff rosters.

If you are looking for the payment model where you pay nothing up front, then you might want to find the attorney that lets you pay only after winning. If the attorney accepts the contingency payment scheme as a payment model, you only need to pay their fees on the satisfactory conclusion of a case. In general the attorney will expect a percentage of the amount awarded to be paid to them at the end of the trial. Fees paid to the attorney often vary, which is based on the amount of work involved and the time it took to complete the case.

Some of the traffic violation attorneys will prefer to work for an hourly rate, which means you will cover the lawyers expenses for each hour they work on your case. A further option is the flat fee, which means that you would be paying a one-time fee that covers the attorney’s fees and expenses for the duration of the proceedings, irrespective of how long it might take. Depending on a particular attorney, it might be necessary to pay the fee at the time of the first consultation or at a later date to be agreed. In some cases, a retainer might be required by some of the attorneys as an up front payment to make sure they will receive their fee.

If a traffic offence attorney is working on an hourly rate model, it will benefit you if you are able to receive a regular invoice or bill so that you are always mindful of how much the particular case is costing you.

Difference in Small Town vs North Charleston Immigration Lawyers

Although immigration lawyers are trained in similar or the same schools, any two lawyers are never the same. This difference is caused by many things such as experience, personal knowledge and hard work of the given lawyers. Another factor that creates a great difference between a North Charleston immigration lawyer and another one is their location. There are lots of difference between small town lawyers and large city lawyers.

The most basic difference the amount of fees they charge. Lawyers charge their fees according to the living standard of the town they are working in. An immigration lawyer located in a small town with low living standard will charge lesser fee than a lawyer schooled in immigration law living in a big city with high living standards. This helps the lawyer to have a fair remuneration while at the same time not overcharging the clients.

In small towns, people live as a community and a lawyer may even take you case even before you get money to pay him or her. This is because you two know each other and you are probably friends. In large cities, a lawyer will not start your case before you pay an agreed amount.

Large towns have lots of people; this in turn means the immigration lawyer will have more clients making them busy. With a large town lawyer, one usually has trouble even securing an appointment with them. With small town lawyers, the opposite is true. With lesser population, lesser people will tend to have personal injury cases hence the lawyer will relatively have more free time making them easier to arrange an appointment with.

By working lots of cases, lawyers based in medium to large cities will gain more experience than a small town based lawyer. The highly experienced North Charleston immigration lawyer has higher chances of winning law suits compared to a lawyer with little experience. Large town lawyers also try finishing a case faster so that they can move to the next case with the help of the law firm staff.

Criminal Defense Law Firm Charleston SC Says – Behave in Court

Exclaiming your innocence is simply not enough when you’ve been accused of a crime. From the time you are arrested, to the very day you go to court- you must present yourself in a positive light. Making sure the clothing you wear, your hair, you act in a respectable manner can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. This not only applies to you, but it is also important that your attorney does more than just “show up”. Hiring the best criminal defense law firm Charleston SC has to offer, does very little good, if the attorneys do not present themselves as respectable officers of the court.

Making the Most of It

Did you know that your attorney could lose your case for you before your mouth is ever opened? This is very true, and in fact it happens all the time. However, this doesn’t just go for your attorney, it applies to you as well; the first impression anyone gets about a defendent comes directly from the way that defendent carries himself. Sure, American justice is supposed to be considered on facts alone- but jurors and judges are only human, and if they find that you or your attorney have no respect for the system, you can look forward to a guilty verdict or a higher probability of an undisireable outcome.

Your Attorney’s Character

When looking for a criminal defense lawyer, Charleston SC just like many other cities in the U.S., you will have your pick of unkempt attorneys. When choosing an attorney, be sure to take their character into consideration. Paying attention to the way a lawyer dresses, and come across in person is a great way to see if they are fit for representation. You do not want to hire someone who you feel may walk into court looking out of whack or acting less than serious. This not only means that your case may not be properly prepared, but the judge and jurors may take offense to the improprieties.

Dressing with Respect

As a defendant, it is also important that you dress respectfully as well. The way you carry yourself from the time of arrest can play a large role in how your case turns out. However, it is inherently important to dress nice and casual on court day. Individuals who are not familiar with one another often judge character by the way one dresses. Thererfore, you will need to present yourself as someone with a decent demeanor. Remember, you will not have a lot of time to speak on your behalf- if any, so you must be sure to make the most of it.

How to Pay Auto Accident Attorney Charleston SC

Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer Compensation

Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer Compensation

To get better representation in a court of law it is advisable to hire a private lawyer rather than be represented by a public defendant lawyer. Although a public lawyer offers free services, they have lots of cases to take care of meaning they will not be able to pay keen attention to your case. With a private auto accident attorney Charleston SC, you will be assured of a good representation on your auto accident case. However, with a private lawyer, you must pay him or her.

With auto accident cases, there are various ways to pay a lawyer. The first one is the upfront payment. With this method, one pays the lawyer before he or she agrees to take your situation as a case. With upfront payments, there are two ways a client will be charged. First is an hourly charge. This option involves a client being charged a certain amount of money for every hour a lawyer spends on his or her case. These hours include meeting hours and hours spent in the court room. A lawyer can also charge you a certain amount for the whole case. The second method of payment is the contingency. Here the lawyer gets a percentage of the money an individual is compensated.

With upfront payment, the money is deposited in a trust account. This trust account belongs to the lawyer. Most lawyers will not take your case until you deposit a certain amount of money in this account. This account acts like an escrow account where the lawyer will deduct any fees accumulated or his or her labor charges.

With contingency method, the accident victim does not need to have money for the case. He or she, however, needs to pay some fees such as filing fees. In contingency method, one does not pay the auto accident lawyer in case no compensation is made to the client.

Charleston SC Medical Malpractice Attorney Selection

Many patients in the Charleston, SC and surrounding areas have suffered from medical malpractice that have been caused by doctors, hospitals, and medical practices. Most of these patients are usually bitter and file civil suits against a doctor or a given hospital. This is where a Charleston, SC medical malpractice attorney comes into the picture. This is a lawyer who is widely experienced in this field and his mission is to represent his client in court and offer him the best of advice. He will argue your case in court and prove to the court that you suffered as a result of negligence and/or malpractice by a given medical organization or physician. Most of the medical cases usually take a lot of time to be concluded, however, this lawyer will be patient enough and represent you to the end and ensure that you win your court battles.

One of the major obstacles is usually the choosing of these lawyers. The Charleston medical malpractice attorney will ensure that you get justice and you get treatment immediately as a result of the doctor’s errors.

Choosing the medical malpractice attorney Experience really counts in these cases given that the doctor will also have his defense attorneys to defend him from the allegations that you have leveled against him. Those lawyers most likely are provided by his insurance company. At times, these cases take a lot of years. That is why it is important to hire Charleston lawyers or local attorneys because they are usually well funded. Moreover, these lawyers are usually paid after they have successfully defended their clients and their clients have been compensated. At some point, the doctor might be required to testify in person. This is usually a very expensive affair as you might require to pay him or the hospital over $1000 an hour.

Last but not least you need a professional lawyer who will not be compromised at all by these doctors and hospitals. The Charleston lawyers are very professional and work under a very strict work ethic. You can be assured of the confidentiality of the information you provide him. h highly respected layers in this field the represent the trucking companies.

Research a Charleston SC DUI Lawyer

When faced with a driving under the influence (DUI) offense, one needs a very good lawyer to help him or her win the case. Driving under influence can potentially earn one a jail term and hence getting the right lawyer to ensure that your jail term is reduced or you are set free is imperative. There are ways on how to do research to find a Charleston SC DUI lawyer.

One should start by searching and researching DUI lawyers over the internet. Most lawyers have explanatory websites where one can find them and information. A simple search will give you names of lawyers around the Charleston, SC area and their contact information. You should search including your location in the search word so as to narrow down the results.

If one does not have internet access, he or she can use phone directory. The phone directory has a large section for lawyers, attorneys and law firms plus their area of specialization. By going through the directory, one will be able to come up with several candidate names. The phone directory will also include their address and their contacts. Asking your friends both around you and those on social sites will also provide you with more candidate attorneys in this field.

After making your first list, you should now start short listing. There are various factors that will help one make his or her list shorter. Start by removing all DUI lawyers that have not operated long enough in the field. Working with experienced lawyer assures you of better results.

After that, you should that consider how successful the lawyer has been in the past. A Charleston SC DUI lawyer who has a successful past also has high chances of winning you the case, or in the least, getting better results. Lastly, consider the fees the lawyer charges. Avoid lawyers that charge you a lot of money especially if you cannot afford the fees. Such lawyers may drive you into borrowing to fund the law suit.